Frequently Asked Questions
Depending on the thickness and transverse incisions on the metal door (anti-theft) can not be used of digital locks Although some partners with using non-normative changes are make this practical, but this action will depreciate system Therefore, according to user requirements for double the security, increase performance or ease of use, we propose using system security pack M200 with reader and controller that with Referring to the system link can check its features and make smarter choice ./
Yes, even if you currently have remote control for garage entrance or any other entrance, our technical partners are able to detect its frequency, other entrance  also equip with a remote (eg 4 key) to enable four entrances in a place ./
Manage remote control system runs your application. The system includes two remote controls, one remote for management and one remote for secretary, to inform the access status a red light above the management door embedded, which on red light  shows non-entering the room and the remote control does not work for secretaries. Management remote includes 3 keys, number on opens the door, key number two activates the buzzer to call the secretaries and the key number three turns on red lights and turns off the system./
Yes, using the controller M300N and an electronic eye PIR can implement this system. For more information, please contact us./
Yes, using no touch electrical buttons and it can be combined with the M200 controller, access did without the need for physical touch./
No , digital locks only on standard wooden and metal doors in certain conditions can be installed, Therefore, according to user requirements to secure the glass doors electric DP2 locks for glass doors with interface and magnetic locks for glass doors with simple frame can be used./
Yes, you can do this via the GSM system, please contact us for more information. /
Magnetic locking brakets for installation in a variety of interface is used for install for example to install a bullion braket U can be used./
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