About Arman Secure Company

Technological advances and using modern technologies in various fields of human life led us to use up to date technology of  the  day in attempting  to  pave  the way of making the use of the newest and most accredited security systems available in global  market  under  graces  of  the  Almighty  and  under the aegis of our experimental and scientific protection in our beloved Islamic territory.
With over half decade  activity of skilled personnel in the field  of access control and security systems,  including biometric and proximity card reader systems, CCTV cameras, digital archive and visual transfer systems, Automatic doors , digital locks, road barrier , electric strikes and electromagnetic locks,  Processing  System  Equipments  ARMAN  Company has become able to assist  you  in  providing  designing  advice and implementation  of  security  projects ,  to choose the best systems based on the  need of customers, installation, operation and Warranty.


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